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For it’s convenience and better fit, Invisalign is the go-to option for orthodontic care



A whole range of orthodontic treatment options including sequential and inman aligners

Restorative Dental

Restorative Dental

Dental implants, dentures and many other cosmetic & restorative dental services

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Qualified Bendigo Dentists at Your Service

A happy smile is not only the result of good mental and physical health but also that of your dental aesthetics. However, great dental health is not always a possibility. Certain illnesses are as much a cause for dental concern as bad oral hygiene.

At Golden Square Dental, we are committed to providing professional and high quality dental care in a welcoming and friendly environment. Our family-focused Bendigo dental clinic offers a wide range of dental treatments for your convenience, from preventative dentistry to cosmetic and restorative dental practices, that are each carried out by a qualified dentist in Bendigo.

Quality Dental Care at Golden Square Dental

“Welcome to Golden Square Dental – where your smile is our asset”

We thrive to provide your family with the highest standard of dental care in a warm and friendly environment. Our primary focus is you. We will do everything to ensure that you are comfortable in our practice and confident in our care. We combine the latest in modern dental technology with traditional approaches to provide the best in family dental care in a relaxing atmosphere.

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What Qualifies Golden Square Dental as Your Go-To Dental Clinic?

Golden Square Dental has been a popular choice of dental clinic among residents in and around Bendigo for its friendly staff, the quality of treatment provided, and the comfort and ease that patients feel when they head over to us. While these are certainly enough reasons, there are many more that qualify us to be their go-to dentists!

Extensive Range of Treatments
The team at Golden Square Dental provides quality dental care for an extensive range of treatments that include cosmetic dental procedures, restorative treatments, preventive procedures, and more.
Aesthetic Outcomes that Surpass Expectations
At Golden Square Dental, all procedures we carry out are with an aim to create masterpieces that give you a reason to smile with confidence. We focus on providing our patients with aesthetically pleasing results that fit well within their budgets.
Dedicated Team of Qualified Dentists
Every dentist in Bendigo at Golden Square Dental is dedicated to providing the utmost care and quality treatment to all our patients. Our team of dentists is well-equipped to carry out every dental procedure while making patients feel comfortable and at ease.

Our dedicated team works to keep your smile healthy and bright. With our state-of-the-art equipment, your local dentist in Bendigo, at Golden Square Dental, delivers premium quality dental services for you and your loved ones.

Our Services

Our dedicated team works to keep your smile healthy and bright. With our state-of-the-art equipment, your local dentist in Golden Square delivers premium quality dental services for you and your loved ones.


Invisalign can provide a better fit and reduce the time it takes to achieve teeth alignment. It is also more convenient because it can be removed at mealtimes or for cleaning.


We provide orthodontic care to patients of all ages. We put your health and comfort as our highest priority.

Teeth Whitening

It can be very embarrassing to display a smile that has lost its lustre.  At Golden Square Dental we can fix yellow teeth right away.


At Golden Square Dental, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the highest quality dentures in Bendigo.

Children’s Dentistry

Our dentists encourage parents to look after their children’s dental health. We provide you with a list of good habits you can help your child develop through constant practice.

Single Day Crowns

Dental crowns play an important role in your smile. When you have gaps in your smile due to missing or damaged teeth, dental crowns are used to restore your smile.

Toothache or
Dental Pain

Toothache is not the real dental problem. It is only a symptom of a more serious dental problem developing in your mouth.

Lost Fillings,
Crowns or Inlays

Assess the damage to your dental restorations. Sometimes, they need to be replaced but more often, your dentist only needs to reattach them.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are now considered the gold standard option in replacing missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, and no one is ever quite prepared for them when they occur. When it comes to dental emergencies, time is of utmost importance.

All Services

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A whole range
of orthodontic
treatment options.

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