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Discover a solution for damaged or missing teeth with dental crowns and bridges at Golden Square Dental. Our skilled dentists restore your smile naturally using prosthetics. While traditional options include alloy or gold prosthetics, we provide affordable and aesthetic alternatives.

Opt for porcelain tooth crowns that mimic the natural look and function of your original teeth—ideal for damaged or severely decayed teeth.

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When are Dental Crowns Needed?

There are three different situations when you may need dental crowns:

When decay in a tooth is limited just to the visible portion above the gum line

When decay in a tooth is limited just to the visible portion above the gum line

When decay in a tooth is limited just to the visible portion above the gum line

A tooth-coloured filling may not be sufficient to rectify the decay, but when a crown is used additionally, it will help in covering the tooth entirely. A dental crown fortifies and adds to the life of the tooth.

If the decay is spread to the root

If the decay is spread to the root

If the decay is spread to the root

In such conditions, our cosmetic dentists will have to perform endodontic work to remove the decay. Endodontics helps in preserving the tooth of the jaw bone and surrounding teeth.

When a tooth is missing completely

When a tooth is missing completely

When a tooth is missing completely

An artificial root can be placed with the help of a dental implant post which a porcelain crown can be attached to the implant to artificially create a new tooth.

Prices Of Dental Crowns and Bridges In Bendigo

How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost in Bendigo

Prices Of Dental Crowns and Bridges In Bendigo

Prices of crowns and bridges mainly depend upon the condition of teeth and requirements. Hence, the cost often differs from case to case. The average cost of one crown at Bendigo starts from $1.3K to $1.6K. Bridges costs start from $4.5K to $7K. We care for your smile at Golden Square Dental along with your pocket. Our payment plans are very popular with our patients. Check with our team when you talk to us.

How Does a Tooth Crown Function?

A dental crown is a custom-made tooth designed to seamlessly match the texture, colour, and size of your natural teeth. Permanently affixed over a tooth, it provides a renewed surface. Crowns offer an ideal solution to replace old, potentially threatening large metal fillings, preventing the risk of cracking. Replacing metal fillings with porcelain crowns ensures longevity and strength.

What are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is similar to a crown, it gains support from adjacent teeth. Primarily used to address multiple missing or extensively damaged teeth with a single prosthetic, it is crafted from the same material, providing a natural appearance to the recipient.

What happens during a dental crown procedure?

Upon consulting with our compassionate dentists and deciding on dental crowns to address your oral condition, Golden Square Dental completes the process in two visits.

Cosmetic dentists at Bendigo Dentist are not just skilled at their work but caring too. On your first visit, our dentists will seat you comfortably and numb the area to be treated. The dentist will then clean the outer the surface of the tooth. They then proceed to remove the damaged, decayed tissue and debris present in the tooth. The tooth is then reshaped and resized in a way that best supports the crown.

A mould or impression of the crown is to be placed over the tooth taken which is sent to the laboratory to custom create a porcelain crown for you. The dental crown created will have the same thickness as the layer that was removed from your tooth.

The shade of the porcelain is carefully selected to match the colour of your natural teeth.

Our dentist will then place a temporary tooth crown made of plastic to provide protection to your reshaped and resized teeth. This plastic crown is attached with the help of temporary glue. The dentist working on you will then help you understand how to take care of this temporary crown.

On your second visit after you are seated comfortably, our dentists will numb the area of treatment and remove the temporary plastic crown. Before placing the crown over the tooth, our dentist thoroughly examines it to ensure that it will function normally without any issues. A dental crown must not cause any discomfort when your upper and lower teeth come together to chew or bite something. If required, the dentist will shape it. Once you and the dentist are content with its authenticity, the dentist will proceed to cement it over your teeth permanently.

You will now have a new strong and natural-looking tooth. Make sure you brush and floss regularly to keep the bacteria from collecting beneath it. A porcelain crown is not just sturdy but offers an aesthetic look too. A dental crown will usually last ten years. There are people who have successfully kept it for up to thirty years, just by maintaining good oral health.

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