Does Gum Disease Prevent Me from Getting Dental Implants?

by | Jun 14, 2024 | Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants in Bendigo are becoming more popular as a tooth replacement option. However, some patients often worry whether they are implant candidates if they have a history of gum disease.

It is indeed the reason for concern for those patients. Untreated gum disease frequently leads to tooth loss, prompting many patients to question if they qualify for dental implants. Implants may be desired as a replacement for lost or decaying teeth, even in individuals with gum disease who do not progress to the advanced stage known as periodontitis. Is this feasible, or will unhealthy gums prevent the implants from working properly?

Gum disease and bone health

Gum disease is an infection brought on by bacteria that affects both the gums and the tissues that support the teeth. Gum disease can cause the jaw to lose bone when it reaches an advanced state. This jeopardises the integrity and stability of your neighbouring teeth. Dental implants may not be able to be placed in individuals who have experienced significant bone loss from gum disease because dental implants depend on a robust and healthy jawbone for stability.

The gums are essential in creating a secure environment for the implant to fuse with the jawbone after implant implantation. Furthermore, gum tissue acts as a barrier to keep out microorganisms that can cause problems with or failure of implants. For this reason, anyone thinking about getting implants must maintain healthy gums through consistent oral hygiene routines and expert dental care.

Dental Implants are not out of the question for gum disease patients.

The good news is that, with the right care and attention, people with gum disease at any stage can always be approved for dental implants. Individuals who suffer from mild to moderate gum disease may only need to manage the condition. A rigorous oral hygiene regimen and regular dental cleanings may be necessary to achieve this. A dentist could also advise against using drugs or certain things that could impede the healing process, like chewing tobacco, smoking, or drinking alcohol.

Dental implant consultation with Golden Square Dental

Our care team in Bendigo will examine your oral health in-depth before deciding whether you qualify for dental implants. This involves evaluating the density of your jawbone and the state of your gums. X-rays, periodontal probing, and other diagnostic procedures may be used in the evaluation to find any underlying problems that might impact how well implants work. Our staff will use the results to develop a personalised treatment that addresses your goals and needs.

Together, our caring staff can arrange all the care needed to maximise implant success while restoring your smile’s appearance, functionality, and health.

Why choose us

Gum disease does not always mean you cannot get dental implants, even though it may cause difficulties for those considering the procedure. Many patients with periodontal difficulties can still have excellent implant outcomes with attentive diagnosis and planning, combined with appropriate treatment and management of gum disease.

For a personal, no-obligation consultation, you can stop by our clinic in Bendigo. At Golden Square Dental, our dentists would be pleased to address any worries you may have and design a treatment plan tailored to your unique oral needs.

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