Everything You Need To Know About Your Dental Crowns

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If you have a tooth that is worrying you, your dentist might advise you to get dental crowns.

Dental crowns are excellent options to protect damaged teeth from any further damage. They work like a cap to cover the top and sides of the affected tooth strengthening the tooth in the process, and restoring its normal functions.

They are recommended by your dentist for the following dental problems:

  • Protecting a decayed tooth.
  • Replacing a filling.
  • Rebuilding broken teeth.
  • Capping off a dental implant.
  • Holding dental bridges in place.

Dental crowns come with many benefits. They not only strengthen the teeth, but they are also excellent for their practical implications, including:

Golden Square Dental Everything You Need To Know About Your Dental Crowns

Help you avoid other dental procedures.

Protecting an affected tooth immediately with dental crowns can save you the expense of other dental services such as the possibility of a root canal treatment.

Aesthetic value.

Dental crowns are made to look and feel like your natural teeth so that it is very hard to tell a natural tooth from a crown. With crowns you can confidently smile and laugh without fearing for an unnatural colour or tone.

Saves your natural teeth.

Because they protect and strengthen the affected tooth, extraction most likely will not be needed. This is usually the case when a tooth is decayed and instead of the old solution, which was extraction, your dentist removes the decayed area and covers it with a dental crown.

One of the winning features of dental crowns is their capacity to restore the normal performance of the tooth, including your eating and speaking ability.

Crowns over large cavities may prevent the need for root canals.

Dental crowns are permanent dental treatments. Once placed, they don’t move or fall out, something dentures usually do.

With proper care and hygiene, dental crowns are proven to last from 5-10 years. In case of a need for replacement, most dental policies cover replacement after five years.

Dental crowns are practical and amazing. Your dentist will always recommend what’s best for you so if he says you need crowns, do not hesitate. After all, it’s for your perfect smile.

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