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Accurate information is key to successful oral care.

People with less knowledge about proper oral hygiene are more likely to face dental problems and have to undergo expensive and inconvenient treatments.

And while we may all be experts about brushing and flossing, that alone is not enough to ensure absolute protection from oral diseases. This is why it is important to seek guidance on your dental and oral health.

What Is Oral Hygiene Instruction?

Oral Hygiene Instruction is a comprehensive set of dental and oral care tips. It’s not simply about basic dental care; instead it presents you with detailed concepts and practices. It educates you about the exact needs of your teeth and gums.

Oral Hygiene Instruction covers treatment and prevention of oral problems and at Golden Square Dental that’s what we are all about!

Oral Hygiene Instruction Increases Awareness

With the Oral Hygiene Instruction program, you learn directly from our dental hygienists. You become more familiar with the things that you should know to optimise your dental health. This includes the correct choices in food, drinks, habits, and dental care products.

Oral Hygiene Instruction also makes clear the possible consequences of poor oral hygiene. You learn risks connected with poor dental and oral health, from the lowly toothache to more complicated diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Oral Hygiene Instruction Helps Develop Healthy Habits

This awareness helps you find the adjustments you need to make, and your team at Golden Square Dental can help you design a complete oral hygiene program that fits you like a glove! Of course this includes correct brushing and flossing. Yet, the changes are not limited to just that. Your diet and other aspects of your life are included as well.

To sum it up, Oral Hygiene Instruction at Golden Square Dental is a great way to improve your overall wellbeing!

What Does Golden Square Dental Suggest for your Oral Hygiene?

Brush properly

  • To properly clean between teeth and gums, your bristles must be placed at a 45-degree angle to your teeth, and you should use a gentle circular motion, with very little brush movement except when moving the brush to the next tooth.
  • Using only light pressure, spend 2-3 seconds on each tooth. Then move the brush to the next tooth.
  • Replace brush heads regularly, It’s clinically proven that a regularly replaced brush head removes plaque better than one used for longer than 3 months.


  • Break off about 15” of floss and wind most of it around one of your middle fingers. Wrap the remaining floss around a middle finger on your other hand. Pinch the floss tightly between your forefingers and thumbs.
  • Gently slide the floss down between your teeth. While keeping the floss wrapped around the side of the tooth in a C shape, pull it up and down along the side surface of the tooth and gently slide it into the space between the gum and the tooth. Slide the floss back up the tooth, then make the C shape around the other adjoining tooth and slide down again. Transfer the floss from one finger to the other finger as it becomes dirty or frayed.
  • Repeat this method on all of your teeth. Don’t forget to do the backside of your innermost teeth.


Apart from the obvious such as avoiding, sugar and candy, there are other foods to avoid. Starchy foods like pretzels, non-whole wheat breads and potato chips tend to promote bacteria growth. So, if you do eat these types of foods, try to brush soon afterwards.

The type of diet that is good for your body is also good for your oral health. A varied diet that includes foods high in vitamin C, calcium, folic acid, zinc, iron and vitamin D is the way to go. So look to citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, yogurt and milk.

There are even some specific foods that can inhibit bacteria growth and neutralize the acid that encourages plaque. Foods like peanuts, aged cheddar, Swiss and Monterey Jack cheeses may have a positive impact on your oral health.

Complete Oral Hygiene Instruction can help you achieve your optimal dental health!

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