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Why Invisible Braces—or Invisalign—Are Popular Among Adult Patients at Bendigo’s Golden Square Dental

When most people think of braces, they think of their teenage years. Most orthodontic patients tend to be teenagers. By resolving issues with tooth alignment at a young age—and then making sure the teeth stay aligned through use of retainers—patients can enjoy straight, perfect smiles for years to come. At Golden Square Dental, though, we are happy to provide orthodontic care for patients of all ages. We even offer invisible braces or invisalign in Bendigo, which tend to be especially popular for our adult patients.

The Popularity of Invisalign—and Why Many Older Patients Choose It

When it comes to orthodontic care, both metal braces and invisible braces can achieve results for patients. At Golden Square Dental, we work with both types of braces in Bendigo. Over the years, invisible braces—also known by the branded term Invisalign—have become increasingly popular among all patients. These days, Invisalign can provide a better fit and reduce the time it takes to achieve teeth alignment. Invisalign is also more convenient because it can be removed at mealtimes or for cleaning.

Especially among older patients who find they need orthodontic care, Invisalign tends to be the go-to option. Of course, there is nothing wrong with either metal braces or invisible braces. However, patients in their 20s or 30s like the idea of invisible braces in part because fewer people in their age group are going through orthodontic care. Because many teens or pre-teens have braces around the same time, they are less noticeable among those age groups. We find that patients are less self-conscious about having metal braces if their friends have them, too.

Some of our adult patients, though, are worried that metal braces would be too visible. These patients are interested in the benefits that proper teeth alignment can provide, but don’t want to spend months hiding their braces from co-workers, bosses, friends or romantic partners. Our option for Invisalign in Bendigo is extremely attractive to these patients because invisible braces are virtually unnoticeable. Unless someone knows you are wearing Invisalign, they are unlikely to know it by looking at your smile.

The Cost of Invisalign and How it is Determined

While Invisalign is a brand on its own, the cost of treatment in Bendigo is subjective. How severe the need for treatment usually determines the expenses of the procedure overall. Where minor treatments can cost anywhere from $4,500 or more, a complete treatment can cost you anywhere between $6000 and $9000. Depending on your orthodontic needs, the extent of treatment carried out will focus on giving you an aesthetic set of teeth.

Some of the most cost determiners of Invisalign in Bendigo include:

  • The extent of dental problems, whether multiple gaps in the teeth or crowding
  • How many individual aligners are needed for the treatment
  • The number of adjustment done to the teeth throughout the treatment process

Find out If You Are a Good Candidate for Invisible Braces from Bendigo’s Golden Square Dental

As a provider of Invisalign in Bendigo, Golden Square Dental is well positioned to advise you on whether you are a good candidate for invisible braces. First, we will determine if you need orthodontic care at all. Second, we will talk you through the options for teeth alignment and help you decide which is best for your situation. If you have a strong preference for Invisalign, be sure to let your dentist know! We always work to accommodate the wishes of our patients and are typically able to do so when it comes to braces.

And while we are dedicated to providing quality orthodontic dental care to all our patients, irrespective of their age, we also provide seamless preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental treatments that give you more reasons to smile freely.

Are you interested in learning more about braces or invisalign in Bendigo? Call Golden Square Dental today to schedule an appointment for your consultation.

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