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Same Day Emergency Appointment Usually Available

For Dental Emergency, call us on (03) 5443 0063 for immediate attention or complete the online contact form.

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, and no one is ever quite prepared for them when they occur. When it comes to dental emergencies, time is of utmost importance.

At Golden Square Dental, we see patients who encounter dental emergencies such as toothache, knocked-out teeth, loosened teeth, and broken teeth.

Our dental team are here to ease your pain and address any problems you might have sustained, and determine whether they involve your teeth alone or your gums and jaws as well. We want to see you and treat you right away.

Golden Square Dental strives to treat patients from Golden Square and surrounding areas on the same day.

Signs You Need an Emergency Dentist in Bendigo

There are numerous reasons why individuals may need emergency dental treatment. Of them, certain issues can worsen and affect other functions of our body. While we have listed ways to deal with common dental emergencies below, here’s when you should also focus on getting an immediate appointment with us:

Headache or ear pain: Pain in the tooth, when left untreated, can worsen and lead to headaches and ear pain.

Excruciating pain in the gums: Pain in the gums could be the result of an infection. Further, the infection can cause enough pressure to aggravate the nerve fibres, causing more pain and discomfort.

Extreme pain while chewing: In case of infection in the roots, chewing can lead to more pressure at the site, increasing the pain you feel and causing you to avoid consuming solid foods. When prolonged without any treatment, this could weaken you while escalating the level of pain.

Difficulty in the movement of muscles around the mouth: When the pain in the tooth or gums increases, it can also affect the muscles in the surrounding area, restricting the movement of your tongue and mouth. This can also affect your ability to speak.

When in an emergency situation, it is best to get in touch with your emergency dentist in Bendigo at the earliest while also using methods to deal with the emergency until you can get to the clinic.

How to Deal With Common Dental Emergencies

If you encounter a dental emergency, performing first aid is crucial in saving your smile. Here are some quick tips on how to manage some of the most common dental emergencies.


  • Rinse mouth with warm water or salt water
  • Floss the teeth to remove any food particles wedged between them
  • Take over-the-counter pain reliever to alleviate the ache
  • Do not place aspirin or any pain medication directly against the gums
  • If caused by trauma, apply cold compress to the outside of your cheek

Broken Tooth

  • Rinse mouth with warm water
  • Do not put pressure on the damaged tooth
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers
  • Apply cold compress outside the mouth against the affected area

Knocked-out Tooth

  • Locate the tooth and try to reposition it
  • Bite on a clean piece of cloth to secure the tooth in place
  • If the tooth was totally knocked out, hold the tooth by the crown, not the root
  • Rinse tooth with clean water, and avoid scrubbing the tooth and using soaps or detergents. Keep the tooth moist.
  • If the tooth cannot be reinserted in its socket, store the tooth in a container of milk or with saliva. Do not store the tooth in tap water.

Lost Restoration or Filling

  • Do not try to fix the restoration on your own. Call your dentist immediately
  • Keep your mouth clean
  • Apply a cold compress near the affected tooth
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication to ease your discomfort
  • Do not use the affected tooth to chew

Your Trusted Emergency Dentist in Bendigo

Golden Square Dental has a trusted and skilled emergency dentist in Bendigo, equipped to deal with all dental emergencies. If you, your child, or your loved one has a dental emergency, contact us at the earliest. Because we understand that you are already in pain, we treat your dental problem with a sense of urgency in the most painless and gentlest way possible.

We are open from Monday to Friday to cater to your dental emergency needs.

Same Day Emergency Appointment Usually Available!

Call us on (03) 5443 0063 for immediate attention or complete our online form.

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Dental Emergency?

Same day emergency appointment usually available.

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