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Dentures are a removable substitute for missing teeth. They can either be complete dentures (for those with no natural teeth left) or partial dentures (for those with natural teeth remaining).

Over the years, dentures have provided relief to many people and have brought back the smiles to their lives.

However, despite their reliable nature, your dentures can still suffer from damage. When your dentures break, all your activities are affected. Speech becomes inaudible, eating is difficult, and your confidence surely shrinks.

Golden Square Dental can stop this inconvenience. Our team of highly trained dentists and staff provide dental emergency care to almost all kinds of dental emergencies.

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What Causes Dentures To Break?

While dentures are made of sturdy materials, their breakage can be caused by the one or more of the following:

Wear and Tear

Despite their sturdy nature, dentures cannot last forever. Coupled with the everyday episodes of your teeth’s functions and your diet (acidic foods and very hot or cold foods and drink can progress their natural wear), dentures will, in time, succumb to damage.

Abuse of your dentures

Your dentures are not your natural teeth. They may be made with sturdy materials and take the appearance of your natural teeth, but they are still artificial restorations. Just like your teeth, they have built in limitations. Biting down strongly on hard or sharp foods can damage them. Using them as tools beyond your teeth’s natural functions can also damage them.

Improper Care

Just like your teeth, to prolong durability your dentures have to be taken care of with good dental hygiene practices. Your dentist will tell you the steps to take care of them such as brushing them twice a day. Not following this advice can weaken your dentures.


Ill-fitting dentures can fall our anytime. Taking them off every night to let your gums rest also exposes them to various accidents.

What To Do If Your Dentures Break

If your dentures get broken, the best thing to do is to see your dentist. Only your dentist can properly repair your dentures.

Although there are denture repair kits available in drug stores, opting to see your dentist can actually save you time and money.

Repairing damaged dentures requires the skills and knowledge of a dentist. Attempting to fix them yourself only makes it harder for your dentist to repair them.

Your dentist will assess the damage and repair it. If it’s a simple crack, your dentist can fix it right away. But if your dentures need replacement, you’ll have to go through the same process you underwent when you first got your dentures.

A new mould of your mouth might be taken and sent by your dentist to the manufacturer to make new dentures for you.

Remember, for this kind of dental emergency, and any other dental emergencies, attention and urgency prevent more trouble.

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Golden Square Dental, your trusted local dentist in Golden Square, solves dental emergencies for you and your loved ones. Stop the pain and visit your local dentist today!

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