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Sore Tooth Dentist Golden Square

Sore tooth, commonly known as toothache, can cause sharp or throbbing pain, making it hard to for you to bite and chew, concentrate, and even sleep at night. Sometimes the pain simply won’t go away no matter what painkiller you take.

Common causes of sore tooth may include:

  • Food or debris caught in the teeth or gums
  • An infection of the tooth, root, or gums
  • Mouth trauma that causes tooth damage
  • An emerging crack or split in the tooth
  • Teething (in children)
  • Sinus infection that can mimic tooth pain

It’s also important to know the common sore tooth symptoms, possible causes, and the steps to best manage the discomfort.

Momentary sensitivity to hot and cold foods or beverages

Having a sensitive tooth is not really a serious dental problem unless it remains sensitive for a prolonged period. This pain can be caused by minor decay, loose tooth fillings, or receding gums that expose some parts of the root surface. To alleviate highly sensitive teeth, try the following tips:

  • Use toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth
  • Switch to soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Brush your teeth gently, using up and down motion
  • If the sensitivity persists, it’s time to see your dentist

Sharp pain when biting down

This also results from tooth decay, or damaged fillings and cracked teeth. Another possible cause is inflamed or infected pulp tissue inside the tooth. Here’s what you can do:

  • Visit your dentist to evaluate your case
  • If there is damage to the pulp tissue, your dentist may perform root canal treatment or refer you to an endodontist
  • Root canal treatment is a pulp-related procedure done to clean out the damaged pulp then fill and seal the remaining space.

Constant and severe pain and pressure, swollen gums and sensitive teeth

This sore tooth symptom is possibly caused by dental abscess, which causes an infection in the surrounding tissue and bone. To eliminate the problem, see your dentist or endodontist for evaluation. Your dental practitioner will recommend treatments and therapies to relieve the pain and save your tooth from extraction. You may take over the counter pain medication at home until you see your dentist.

Dull tooth pain and pressure in the upper jaw

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can cause this type of tooth pain. You may also experience the pain of a sinus headache around your face and teeth if you often grind your teeth. Here are some steps you can take to address this problem:

  • For teeth grinding: see your dentist as soon as possible
  • For sinus headache: take over the counter pain medication
  • For severe and chronic pain: see your endodontist or physician for diagnosis and treatment

Effective Treatment for Tooth Pain in Golden Square

Don’t suffer from tooth pain. Get immediate and effective relief from your Golden Square dentist. Our highly skilled dentists offer accurate diagnosis and reliable treatment for tooth pain so you will no longer suffer from discomforts associated with painful tooth or jaw.

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