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Golden Square Dental Headache Or Jaw Pain Dentist Golden Square

A healthy mouth doesn’t only revolve around teeth. The condition of your jawbone also matters. Often, a pain in the jaw can result in a persistent headache and hamper your routine.

If you have frequent headaches and jaw pain when you wake up, you might be suffering from a disease of the jaw.

At Golden Square Dental, we do not simply brush headaches away. We look deeper into your oral status to treat them.

What Are The Common Diseases Of The Jaw?


Bruxism is the excessive grinding of the upper and lower teeth, which usually occurs at night. The constant impact causes your teeth to be chipped, fractured, flattened, or loose. Bruxism also includes tired or tight jaw muscles, and even a locked jaw that won’t properly open and close. Pain travels to other places as well as the ear, neck, face, and a headache that reaches the temples.

TMJ Disorders

The temporomandibular (tem-puh-roe-mun-DIB-u-lur) joint acts like a sliding hinge that connects your jawbone to the skull. TMJ disorders include combinations of bruxism, clicking and popping of the jaw, earache, and arthritis – all of which signify damage to the Temporomandibular joint.


Also called Osteoradiodonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), Osteonecrosis occurs when the jawbone is exposed and starved by a lack of blood. It happens to cancer patients taking antiresorptive medications. In some cases, it occurs after a dental extraction.

As the jawbone receives a lesser amount of blood, the bone slowly dies. Osteo means bone, and necrosis means death. Symptoms include a heavy feeling in the jaw, looses teeth, or a portion of a bone visible in the mouth.

Jaw Infection

This is caused by untreated cavities. Untreated cavities will continue to eat away your teeth until the infection reaches the jawbone.

Sports-Related Trauma

Sports activities expose your jaw and other parts of the mouth to danger. Often, a forceful impact or an accidental trip can damage your jawbone.

Treatment at Golden Square Dental

A frequent headache and a persistent pain of the jaw call for a deeper look at Golden Square Dental. Your dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination to properly determine the source of your pain.

In some mild cases of bruxism, for instance, jaw exercises might be employed along with protective equipment you wear during sleep (night splints) to protect your teeth.

If you are suffering one or more of the abovementioned symptoms, visit your Golden Square Dental immediately. Only your dentist can properly diagnose your dental issue and recommend the best solution to it.

Golden Square Dental – Your Local Dentist in Golden Square

Attention is very important to prevent a simple dental issue from becoming worse. An untreated persistent headache and pain in the jaw may mean more problems down the road.

At Golden Square Dental, we work on knowing the real cause of your problem so we could begin your treatment right away.

Our team of dedicated dentist and staff has the knowledge, skills and technology to help you attain a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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