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Losing your teeth to trauma, or for any reason, can be devastating. Everything you do is affected – speech is inaudible, eating is difficult, you’ll look older than your age, and there can be moment after moment of embarrassment.

At Golden Square Dental, we want to save you from this agony. Take advantage of our premium quality dentures in Bendigo and say goodbye to your dental problems!

Your local dentist at Golden Square Dental is dedicated to solving your dental problems so you can be back to smiling all the time.

Dentures: Definition And Types

Dentures are a removable substitute for your missing natural teeth. These false teeth are made of acrylic (plastic) or metal. They closely resemble natural teeth and fit snugly over the gums.

Types of dentures are:

Complete Dentures

Used by people with no remaining natural teeth, this type of denture replaces all your teeth in the upper and lower arch. Complete dentures have a flesh-coloured acrylic base that fits over the gums. The upper denture covers the roof of the mouth, and the lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe to accommodate the tongue.

Partial Dentures

Used when some natural teeth remain, these dentures are composed of replacement teeth attached to a gum-coloured acrylic base, which rests on a metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth.

Benefits Of Using Dentures

  • Restores chewing/eating ability.
  • Restores speech capacity.
  • Provides right amount of stimulation for the jawbone to keep lips and cheeks from sagging.
  • Pressure will be properly distributed among the teeth.
  • Looks like your natural teeth.
  • Boosts confidence.

Looking After Your Dentures

Golden Square Dental’s dentures in Bendigo are made of durable materials and with proper dental care, will last a long time. The following are steps to follow to ensure their durability and to keep your mouth healthy.

Dental Hygiene

  • Brush your dentures after every meal, at least twice a day, just like your natural teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush your gums as well.
  • Do not let your dentures dry out when you remove them. Always keep them moist by soaking them in a solution of denture-cleaning tablets recommended by your dentist.
  • Always stand over a folded towel or something soft that can cushion the dentures in situations in which they might accidentally fall.
  • To keep your gums healthy, your dentist will advise you to remove your dentures every night. Before you wear them again in the morning, brush your gums, tongue, and palate, first.


  • Eat soft foods, or foods cut into small pieces. Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth to distribute the pressure.
  • Avoid chewing gum or any sticky food, and food that is hard and sharp.

Golden Square Dental- Your Local Dentist in Golden Square

At Golden Square Dental, we want to help you with your dental issues. Missing tooth/teeth can be easily fixed with our premium quality dentures

Our team of dedicated dentist and staff has the knowledge, skills and technology to help you attain a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Call us at (03) 5443 0063 or request your appointment online today for dentures in Bendigo!

Bendigo Denture Repairs & False Teeth

At Golden Square Dental, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the highest quality dentures in Bendigo. Whether you end up needing full dentures or partial dentures, and whether that need arises from trauma or any other reason, it’s essential for you to feel comfortable and confident with your false teeth. However, it’s also important to remember that having dentures is not a licence to stop taking care of your teeth! On the contrary, just like natural teeth, you need to take good care of your dentures to make sure they last a long time.

Recognising Damage to Your Dentures

When patients come to Golden Square Dental for false teeth in Bendigo, we advise them to establish a care routine very similar to what we recommend for the rest of our patients. Just as with natural teeth, it’s important to brush dentures at least twice a day. You will also want to remove your dentures overnight to keep your gums healthy. When you take your dentures out, it’s also important to be extremely careful. Many patients have broken or damaged their dentures by dropping them on the counter, in the sink or on the floor. We advise standing over a folded towel when you remove your dentures. That way, they have a cushion in the case of a fall. Finally, we recommend a solution of water and denture cleaning tablets for your dentures overnight, to make sure that they don’t dry out.

Taking these steps to care for your dentures will help you avoid trips to the dentist for denture repairs in Bendigo. However, even with proper care, things can happen to damage your dentures. You should always keep an eye out for signs that your dentures might need repairing.

The most obvious of these signs are visible physical damage to the dentures. For instance, if you drop your dentures, they might break apart. Occasionally, patients will try to reattach their dentures with a household adhesive. Do not attempt this type of at-home repair. It’s very difficult to reattach dentures perfectly, and trying to do so on your own could result in a denture set that fits wrong and causes other oral health problems.

Even if your dentures don’t break apart entirely, you might notice cracks or chips in individual teeth. This kind of damage is also dangerous, as broken or uneven bits of the denture can cut your tongue, your gums or other soft tissue in your mouth. Again, you will want to consult a dentist about fixing your false teeth in Bendigo.

Not all denture repairs are motivated by obvious physical damage. If your dentures are causing your discomfort or pain, don’t ignore those signs. Dentures that don’t fit right can irritate your gums, cause oral sores and bring about other serious oral health issues. Your dentures should always fit perfectly.

Golden Square Dental: Your Go to Place for Denture Repairs in Bendigo

At Golden Square Dental, we can help you with broken, damaged or ill-fitting dentures in Bendigo. If you have noticed any of the signs above—or if you think something is wrong with your dentures but aren’t sure what it is—contact us ASAP to schedule an appointment.

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