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Golden Square Dental Single Day Crowns Dentist Golden Square

Getting your dental crown doesn’t have to take a long time. At Golden Square Dental, you can have your dental crowns in Bendigo in less than a day! Your local dentist in Golden Square makes your dental crown while you wait, so you can be back to smiling without a hitch.

What Are Single Day Crowns?

Single or same-day crowns, as the names suggest, are dental crowns fabricated and ready for use in just one day. Single-day or same-day crowns in Bendigo at Golden Square Dental are made using the latest technology in dentistry – CAD/CAM Dentistry. CAD/CAM Dentistry (Computer Aided Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing) is composed of a scanner, design software package, and milling machine, that makes it possible to fabricate a dental crown in just a day. Single day crowns function and look like traditional dental crowns but with a few improvements.

Common Reasons For Dental Crown

Dental crowns have long been a wonderful solution for restoring your teeth’s normal functions. The following are the common reasons for getting a dental crown:

  • Restores chewing capacity
  • Protects decayed tooth by capping it with a crown
  • Large Fillings

    A filling that is at least half the width of the tooth needs a dental crown for stability

  • Worn Teeth

    Teeth that had previously suffered from grinding are worn down and shortened, endangering chewing and biting capacity over time. Dental crowns cover the damaged teeth and restore their function.

Benefits Of Single Day Crowns Over Traditional Crowns

The many benefits of dental crowns can be summarised in three categories:

  • Restoration
  • Protection
  • Aesthetic

The first category includes the benefits of dental crowns in terms of restoring the normal functions of the teeth in eating, speaking, maintaining facial structure, and improving overall oral health. The second pertains to stopping the damage and protecting the teeth from further stress. And finally, the third relates to improving the appearance of your smile. Dental crowns cover discoloured decayed teeth, chipped or broken teeth, and other tooth mishaps that contribute to an imperfect smile. These benefits are also possessed by single day crowns. But the benefits do not stop there. Single day crowns offer benefits not available with traditional dental crowns such as:

Immediate Results

Golden Square Dental’s single day dental crowns in Bendigo are ready to be used at the end of your appointment. This is a big advantage over the traditional crowns, which can take 2 or 3 visits in addition to 2 weeks of waiting time.


With proper dental care, traditional dental crowns can last a long time. But single day crowns can even last longer! Made using CAD/CAM Dentistry, they are proven to be more durable.


CAD/CAM Dentistry employs an intraoral camera to take accurate impressions of your teeth in 3D, allowing the dentist to see the full sections of teeth.

Single Day or Same-day Crowns in Bendigo At Golden Square Dental

Golden Square Dental – your local dentist in Golden Square now provides state-of-the-art dental crowns in just a day! No more waiting for your dental crowns. We guarantee that you’ll be back to your regular schedule right on time. Call us at (03) 5443 0063 or request your appointment online today!

Golden Square Dental Providing Dental Crowns in Bendigo

Dental crowns play an important role in your smile. When you have gaps in your smile due to missing or damaged teeth, dental crowns are used to restore your smile. Dental crowns also play a vital role in your overall health as they help you to chew and eat properly, which in turn is essential for optimal digestion.

Due to their importance, Golden Square Dental offers single day dental crowns in Bendigo.

There are three main benefits that we provide with our single day or same-day crowns in Bendigo: restoration, protection and aesthetically pleasing. Our primary concern will be to get you using your teeth again for everyday functions such as eating and speaking which are vital parts of your life on a daily basis. We will then focus on protecting your teeth from any further damage due to any issues with your crown or other dental problems.

Finally, we will focus on getting you smiling again. Our single day dental crowns in Bendigo offer quick results with the ability to use the crown by the end of your appointment. We understand that the accuracy and durability that you need in a dental crown must consistently be spot-on so that you can use them with no restrictions or issues when you leave our office.

For more information about our single day or same-day dental crowns in Bendigo, please call us on (03) 5443 0063 or use our contact page to schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff are always ready to assist you in any way possible.

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