What Is The Expected Life Span Of A Dental Crown?

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Dental Crowns Care and Maintenance

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Dental crowns can be restorative or cosmetic dental treatments. They can improve the appearance of a tooth and/or protect an extremely damaged tooth.

At Golden Square Dental, we place dental crowns for both purposes. We may recommend a crown if a patient has a highly chipped, stained or otherwise cosmetically imperfect tooth.

Crowns are also used in dental bridges, after a root canal or, or to protect extremely damaged teeth.

Crowns have an important role in dentistry, but if you are contemplating a crown to improve your smile that you might have a question or two. At Golden Square Dental, the question we hear most often is “how long will my dental crown last?” The answer depends upon several things, including how you care for your teeth and your crown.

Under perfect conditions, a well-made crown can last for quite a while. Dental work does not come with a specific expiration date. However, it is not realistic to expect crowns to last decades or more. And crowns do have a high success rate.

One study in 2009 found that more than 90% of dental crowns did not require treatment within five years of placement. The study also found that 50% to 80% of crowns lasted from 15 to 20 years.

So, the real question is– what causes crowns to need replacement, and what can you do to decrease the need for early replacement?

What Would Require a Crown be Replaced?

Too-Hard Bite

The average human bites with 171 pounds of pressure between the molars (the farthest-most back teeth). Under this pressure, both our natural teeth and dental crowns can break.


If you grind or clench your teeth in your sleep, talk to Golden Square Dental about a night guard. Our natural teeth and dental crowns are remarkably durable and able to bear most of the pressure our jaws exert, but people who grind or clench their teeth put them through extra strain.


Although dental crowns themselves do not decay, they still need to be protected from damage and decay. Poor brushing and flossing, especially at the gum line, can allow bacteria to sneak its way beneath the crown, damaging the natural tooth underneath the crown and putting it at risk.


Like anything else, dental crowns can break. Which is why all of us at Golden Square Dental only want you to use your teeth to bite food! Habits like nail biting, ice chewing, and using teeth as a tool to open packaging, can break or chip teeth. These habits can also put extra stress on your crowns, making them more likely to chip or break.

What is Your Crown Made of?

Dental crowns can be constructed from several materials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Your Golden Square Dental dentist can recommend the best materials for your situation.

Metal crowns, commonly called gold crowns (actually, an alloy) are most durable, but commonly used in the back of the mouth, as they don’t quite match the colour of other teeth.

Porcelain fused to metal crowns have a porcelain veneer baked onto a metal core. Reasonably durable, they do chip more easily, but also blend in well with natural teeth.

All-ceramic crowns provide an excellent match to natural teeth, down to texture and colour, but they are the least durable crowns and recommended for front teeth.

So, work with your Golden Square Dental dentist to pick the material that best balances durability and appearance for your specific case.

How Can I Protect My Crown?

A crowned tooth doesn’t require special care, but it does need protection from decay just like other teeth. Practice good oral hygiene habits, including brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day, making sure to thoroughly clean around the crown especially at the gum line.

Avoid biting on hard objects with your crown.

During regular check-ups, we assess your crown for decay, damage, or bite issues. If you clench or grind your teeth, we might recommend a custom-made night guard to help protect the crown and your natural teeth.

In the event of your dental crown or restorations get damaged, your local dentist at Golden Square Dental offers quick and easy first aid tips and strives to achieve a Same Day Emergency Appointment.

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