Wisdom Teeth Removal For a Comfortable Smile

Wisdom Teeth Removal For A Confident Smile

Wisdom teeth, the third set of molars, are the broadest and most robust teeth designed for food grinding. Being the last to emerge, they can often lead to intense pain and discomfort during an eruption. Among all your molars, wisdom teeth commonly pose the most problems. If you’re experiencing issues with your wisdom teeth, it’s advisable to consider their removal.

Wisdom Teeth Removal For A Confident Smile

Symptoms of Wisdom Tooth Issues


Pain and swelling often accompanied by fever


Inflammation and redness in the gums along the wisdom tooth


Enlarged and sore lymph glands beneath the jaw


Trouble in the opening mouth to swallow


Pus coming out from the gum line

Our Bendigo dentist at Golden Square Dental boasts a fantastic team of skilled dentists proficient in the expert removal of wisdom teeth. Each dentist has received certified training to adeptly manage complex wisdom teeth extractions. For those experiencing dental anxieties, we provide sleep dentistry to ensure your comfort. Under sedation, you’ll be relaxed as our dentist performs the procedure.

How Much Would it Cost for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Bendigo?

How Much Would it Cost for Wisdom Tooth Removal

How Much Would it Cost for Wisdom Tooth Removal in Bendigo?

The process to remove the wisdom tooth starts from $250 and $500. However, the actual cost of the process may be different for each patient, depending on the severity of their condition and the type of anaesthesia you choose. The procedure may also require x-rays and digital pictures of your oral condition, for which we may charge you an affordable fee separately.

Why Remove Wisdom Tooth at BendigoDentist?

Skilled & Compassionate

Highly Skilled & Compassionate

Skilled & Compassionate

We have been in the field of oral healthcare for years. We have a dedicated team of practised and caring dentists who will ensure that your wisdom tooth is removed without you having to endure excessive pain or discomfort

One-Stop Dental Care

One-Stop Dental Care

One-Stop Dental Care

Our team of Bendigo dentists offers professional and comprehensive dental services. You can avail all types of dental services under one roof, without having to travel anywhere.

Easy Payment Plans

Easy Payment Plans

Easy Payment Plans

Golden Square Dental understands that oral health is vital for everyone. Therefore, to make our services more accessible to all, we offer different treatment plans that fit your budget. Our plans will enable you and your family to be treated now while you pay us later.

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