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At Golden Square Dental – a Bendigo dental clinic – our vision is to contribute to the growth of our community. We are always looking for new ways to give back, and so far we have been privileged to help out in our own little way by contributing to:

Christmas Party for Special Children

The aim of this charity is to provide in excess of 3,000 children with a day they will never forget. These children come from four major groups: the terminally ill, the intellectually impaired, physically impaired and the underprivileged who may be suffering from domestic violence or physical abuse

Christmas party for special children - helping the community - Golden Square Dental
Epworth Medical Foundation logo

Epworth Medical Foundation

Epworth Medical Foundation raises the much-needed charitable funds to help patients at Epworth, by purchasing important equipment and activities for their hospitals. Epworth is a private, not-for-profit organization, which rely on funds raised by Epworth Medical Foundation to provide their patients with the best possible facilities, equipment, surgical expertise and access to research.

“We ourselves feel what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

Mother Theresa

The Smith Foundation

As Australia’s largest national education-oriented charity, they support disadvantaged Australian children to participate fully in their education, giving them the best chance at breaking the cycle of disadvantage. Their learning support and mentoring programs help children in need to fit in at school, keep up with their peers, and build aspirations for better future for themselves.

Charity Camperdown

A joint initiative of The National Heart Foundation of Australia, the cardiologists of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and the New South Wales and Federal governments, their teams of scientists work across a range of research areas to find new ways of detecting, treating and preventing heart disease in the community. We would love to hear from you about more ways we can get involved; drop us a note via our contact page or chat with us when you come in.

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