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Bleeding Gums

Do you often see blood when you brush your teeth? Or when you floss? If you do, you might be suffering from inflamed or bleeding gums.

Cracked Tooth

If you have cracked teeth, you can experience a variety of symptoms including intermittent pain when your tooth is exposed to very hot or cold foods and beverages.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth and misaligned bites can interfere with proper chewing. They can make keeping teeth clean more of a challenge, increasing the risk of tooth decay, plaque, and gum problems.

Headache or Jaw Pain

If you have frequent headaches and jaw pain when you wake up, you might be suffering from a disease of the jaw. We look deeper into your oral status to treat them.

Metal Fillings Replacement

It was common practice to use mercury or metal fillings to fix dental cavities. We now have more dental materials to choose from.

Tartar Build-up

Tartar leads to bad breath, gum disease and bone loss eventually weakening the foundation of teeth. Most often, gum disease does not cause pain and can easily be ignored.

Tooth Decay

Dental decay and cavities can often first appear as black spots on teeth, and might not always hurt.

Wisdom Teeth

There is nothing more painful than the overbearing feeling of an aching tooth. It affects your ability to talk, eat, and even sleep, making your everyday life an absolute nightmare.

Worn Teeth

Do you have worn teeth? At Golden Square Dental, we have the skills and knowledge to repair your worn, damaged teeth and restore the beauty of your smile.