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Get your Tooth Extraction Done at Golden Square Dental in Bendigo

There is nothing more painful than the overbearing feeling of an aching tooth. It affects your ability to talk, eat, and even sleep, making your everyday life an absolute nightmare. Don’t hesitate to get your teeth extraction in Bendigo for relief from that excruciating pain at Golden Square Dental. Here we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. You are our top priority, and we have staff that know and love what they are doing. We are in it to work with you to achieve your health goals and give you that dazzling smile.

Why your Wisdom Teeth Removal in Bendigo is Necessary

Having your wisdom teeth removed is something almost every young adult has to go through. These teeth are the third set of molars in the back of your mouth. Generally, they come out in young adults between the ages of 17 and 25 and are removed for various common reasons such as:

  • They can become trapped under your gums and the gum around the tooth can become infected
  • They may grow at an angle that impacts your other teeth.
  • They are so far back that you are unable to clean them properly causing cavities or gum disease.
  • They can cause other issues such as cysts

Sometimes these molars can be beneficial, but more often than not, these teeth do not properly align and have to be removed. Everyone is unique; some want them all to be extracted at the same time, while others choose to remove only the ones that are causing problems. Having your wisdom tooth extraction done in Bendigo at our Golden Square Dental practice will ensure that you have a stress-free experience. We have a gentle and nurturing approach to our practice so that you no longer fear the trip to the dentist.

All our dentists are well-experienced and make sure every patient is cared for with focus and patience. We also guide patients on preventive dental care to help them maintain oral health. Regular preventive dental care can help prevent cavities, gingivitis, and enamel loss.

Your Pain Ends at Golden Square Dental

Our primary focus is on you and how we can improve your experience. We offer everything from emergency care to general dental check-ups and aesthetic dentistry to suit everyone’s needs with flexible appointment times as well throughout the weekday.

Golden Square Dental was established in 1976 and has been going strong ever since. Don’t live with the pain of an aching tooth all because you are not the biggest fan of a dentist. We want to show you how easy and comfortable we can make your visit here. We come highly recommended by fellow friends, family, and co-workers so you can be assured of high-quality service.

When you opt for wisdom tooth extraction at Golden Square Dental our dentists also guide you on comfortable recovery. Here are a few tips that will help you recover effectively-

  • Keep yourself hydrated with lots of fluids
  • Avoid rinsing your mouth vigorously
  • Make sure to consult your dentist for painkillers and swelling
  • Avoid eating hard food foods that put pressure on your wound
  • Avoid brushing on the wound
  • Don’t smoke
  • Don’t disturb the wound by touching it with your finger our tongue. Avoid sucking on the wound.
  • Make sure to go for follow-up sessions if required, so that the dentist can track your recovery.

Wisdom tooth extraction surely brings several doubts to your mind. Our dentists are always ready to answer all your questions.

For any queries or to book an appointment for wisdom tooth extraction in Bendigo contact us today, we are ready and waiting to hear from you. Let us brighten that smile because a beautiful grin makes for a beautiful day.

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